Monday, May 21, 2007


For almost the past week I have been waiting for just one of my children to do something to merit a fun evening baking together. I've literally been searching for any excuse to reward them this way, thinking that it would be a fun bonding activity. I swear, it had nothing to do with a craving for brownies!

Every single day that I've had this fun surprise in mind for them, we have had worse and worse behavior. I don't understand it. Today was horrendous. I'm beginning to believe that Bug likes being grounded. Monkey-boy is trying to prove to me that he can be more defiant at almost two than his sibs were at four- and that's saying something. Kat can't finish a meal to save her life. Birds exist on more nourishment than she takes in. Maybe this week will be better than last.

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~DanaB~ said...

Bake anyway!! Declare it a baking extravaganza and bake away with the kids--it will most likely be a wonderful experience that'll perk everyone's mood up, no matter how cranky.
You KNOW brownies can do that!!