Thursday, December 14, 2006

So, I actually remembered that today was Thursday, and even before noon! This is significant because a: wow! I knew what day it was!, and b: thursday is story hour day at the local library. Since I found out about it a year and a half ago, it's been on my mental to-do list. But, being the champion scatterbrain that I am, and a medalist in the procrastination event to boot, I never got around to it. Til today.

I talked Kat into running a brush through her hair, got the clothes on Monkey-boy that he picked out, and we were off. Half an hour too early as it turned out, so we picked out some books for Kat, and looked for midwifery books for Mommy. Something I might be interested in doing. Dunno yet. Anyway, we wander around, killing time, and while the kids are looking through the books they've chosen, I'm watching the other mommy/child pairs filing in. They all have perfect hair, perfect makeup, perfect clothes- even the kids look like they just rolled out of a magazine ad. Yikes. Nobody told me I had to dress up for story hour, or make sure Kat's clothes matched. (They didn't. They never do. I wouldn't have it any other way.) But just when I was feeling very schlumpy and wanting a makeover very much, it was announced that there was a special treat planned for today's story hour. You should have seen the deer-in-headlights looks of horror on these women's faces. Especially when it was revealed that the surprise was cookie decorating. While watching to make sure my children didn't glue the books within arms reach shut with frosting, I stole glances around the room, and realised mine were the only ones decorating their own cookie all by themselves. And I felt so smug. Isn't that horrible? But it felt nice to know that my little ones, even though they were the only set of siblings, didn't get less attention. They got more chances to satisfy that "i doit myseff" that resides within us all. Mommies, let them doit themseff once in awhile. Please? No matter how clumsy the result, the confidence and sense of independance is sooo worth it.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Am I being graded on this???

Apparently I am, whether I know it or not. And I got both a positive and a negative review all in one day yesterday.

During church, my six year old acolyte made all kinds of interesting faces at the congregation and spilled the candle oil all over himself. My four year old read Dora books, pushed her baby brother down, and dropped the thingies you kneel on-loudly. (yes, I know there's a name for those thingies, and no, I don't know it.) The baby decided to try to dismantle the gate at the altar, and when that proved too difficult, tried to take apart the heater along the sides of the church. This, believe it or not, was a very good morning in church for us, as Daddy was working and could not help. However, I did not harbor any delusions that this was good behavior. Someone seemed to, though. A sweet little old lady that I don't think I've ever seen before walked up to me after the service, looked at me very hard for a moment, and just when I was good and terrified of what she was going to say about my rowdy bunch, said simply, "You're a good mother.", and walked away. Wow.

Well, apparently the Lord didn't want that to go to my head, as I got my reality check from my Opa the same evening. My six year old was being especially defiant, while at the same time demanding that I take him to a Christmas pageant. The only discipline that seems to get through to him is the threat (or action) of throwing a toy in the trash. So, I made the threat, and then had to carry it through when he tried to call my bluff. Opa overheard all of this, of course, and commented, "Boy, you sound just like your mother!" This is just what every woman wants to hear from the grandfather she adores, about the mother who barely admits she exists, isn't it? It doesn't help that Opa was right. Aaaack!

Monday, December 04, 2006

I think I'm over whatever was getting to me in the previous post. I had a great time with my kids this weekend. On Saturday, we went to a Christmas Jubilee at one of the Elementary schools, and the kids sat on Santa's lap. Santa told Keeghan that he's got a crystal ball to help him keep an eye on them. On Sunday, we all went to church for the first sunday of Advent, and Keeghan was an acolyte. They even published an anouncement about him being an acolyte in training in the bulletin. Then we all took Grandma and Grandpa with us to the Nurses Bazaar. Lots of great stuff there. I wish we'd had more money to spend. We also went to the LDS church to view the Creche exibit and join in the Messiah sing along. However the Messiah sing along was not very interactive or kid friendly as I'd hoped, so we bowed out of that one early and we'll get the cd. It was a great weekend!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

That's too funny! I just posted about December blahs, and it's not even December yet. Talk about getting ahead of oneself! Sheesh. Looks like I need a break.
December blahs have hit. I got too ambitious this year, and just couldn't sustain the energy I needed to follow through on all the wonderful plans I cooked up in my head. So now, I'm regrouping, and just doing my best not to drive the kids nuts. No new home found for Zoe, so it looks like we're keeping her. After this mornings' wake up whines at 12am, 4am, 4:30, 5, and 5:30, I'm sorely tempted to return her to the lady that I got her from.... the same lady who assured me, "don't worry, training a puppy isn't that hard." Yeah, right.

After all that, Bug's alarm didn't go off, and I couldn't seem to quit hitting the snooze on mine, so I'm amazed we got him to the bus stop on time. Throw in a sinus infection my dear sweet MIL so graciously gave me, and you know why no one is getting their christmas cards on time this year unless I get a Christmas miracle of my own.

Yikes, that's a lot of complaining. Here's something happy: I might be babysitting for a short stint soon. Yay, Christmas money!

Hope December is treating everyone else a little kindlier than it's treating me!

Friday, November 17, 2006

So, it's been awhile since I posted.....

We've had new puppy angst, in a BIG way. Bug got a new puppy, whom he named Zoe. We weren't supposed to get her til the 18th, at which point she would be six weeks old. However, the people who had her asked us to take her early. She arrive in our home at four weeks old, right after Hubs left for a way too long trip to California for work. To make a long story short, Zoe was not ready to leave her mom, and Bug was not ready for such a young puppy. We are currently searching for a good home for her.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Imagine my surprise to see a very familiar face in my Glamour magazine this month! Well, surprise that I'm priviledged to know one of Glamour's most inspiring women. Bishop Katherine baptised all of my children, and my husband just last January 8th. She also is the reason that I am married in the Episcopal church instead of a civil ceremony, because she is the bishop who granted me permission to be married a second time. I am so glad to see her in that article, but I really think they didn't show even a fraction of how great this lady is. When Kat was afraid of Bishop Katherine in her robes and miter, she got down on her knees to talk to her, and let her wear the miter to show her that it's just a very tall hat, not something to be frightened of. She treats everyone she meets with respect and dignity, and acts as though she is the one who is honored to meet you. I have met church officials who wear their authority like armor, and wield it at everyone they meet like a weapon. Bishop Katherine does not do that. If she weren't wearing her robes, I'd still want to meet her, to be friends with her. She's smart, fun, kind. She deserves to be listed as one of the most inspiring women of the year, but being Bishop (I think) is just a result of the attributes that make her so insiping. Just my two cents, of course.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The joys of parenting.....

I remember my mom telling me, a long time ago, that when they first began on the parenting journey she made a deal with my father. She'd take permenant diaper duty- if he would just clean up any time we kids threw up. When she first told me that, I thought it sounded really lopsided. Now... well, my husband does the same for me, with one litte addition. When I'm pregnant, my nose gets really sensitive. So then, he takes on the mommy-gagger diapers for me too. Isn't he the best? Granted, I have to handle things on my own when he's at work, but kids are really great about saving most of that stuff for his days off!

So what brought that all to mind, you might ask? Well, last night, poor Bug got up twice to throw up. The first, and worst time, was while Hubs was home. He really wasn't too thrilled about that, but he did really good at not showing it too much.

Right now the younger two and I are waiting for Bug to wake up to see if he's feeling well enough to go to the Halloween stuff going on at the library. I hope so. They've all been looking forward to it. I was even going to keep him out of school for it, since today is only a half day for conferences and tomorrow they have the day off for- get this- Nevada Day. Nevada Day! Do any other states make the day they became a state an official holiday that includes days off of school and work, and a parade? Sheesh.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Monkey-boy is the baby of the family... for the time being, anyway. Who knows what the future holds? He is a very independant 16 month old. He loves to play with his big brother and sister's toys more than his own, and he makes sure he's included in everything that anyone else is doing. When Bug and Kat unload the dishwasher, he'll hand them dishes to put away. When I load it, he shuts it and turns it on. He is very capable, and determined. I probably won't have to push him to learn anything, if I just catch him at the right moment and present him with it happily.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Kat is my one and only daughter. She is four years old, absolutely beautiful- if you can find her under the mess that was her most recent meal. The kid is almost as messy as her baby brother! She's obsessed with all things princess.... not a big surprise with a little girl. Of course, she loves pink, and purple.


Bug is my firstborn. He is six years old, and in the first grade. He's learning how to read, how to add and subtract. He takes great care of his little brother and sister. He's a very happy kid. This morning when he hugged me at the bus stop, he said the same thing he says every morning: "I love you, Mom. I'm going to have a great day!" He's infectously optimistic. He is also so very sweet and loving. He gives hugs and smiles to everyone who'll let him. I'm so glad he is my first because he's so wonderful it made it easy to want more children!
Hi! Welcome to my very first post, on my very first blog.

For anyone who doesn't know me, I'm probably the biggest dork you'll ever meet (or get to know, anyway). Except maybe my husband, or kids. In fact, Dork! has become quite the term of endearment around here. If you have already met me, well you already know all that, and have (hopefully) forgiven me. I have one wonderful husband, three (usually) adorable kids. Bug, 6, Kat,4, and Monkey-boy,16 months. We have two cats, one kitten, one dog, and soon one puppy. Yes, I'm insane for that, but who'd want to be normal anyway?

So this blog is about my adventures as a Stay at Home Mommy in Northeastern Nevada. I hope those who read will enjoy my take on all things Mommy!