Thursday, December 14, 2006

So, I actually remembered that today was Thursday, and even before noon! This is significant because a: wow! I knew what day it was!, and b: thursday is story hour day at the local library. Since I found out about it a year and a half ago, it's been on my mental to-do list. But, being the champion scatterbrain that I am, and a medalist in the procrastination event to boot, I never got around to it. Til today.

I talked Kat into running a brush through her hair, got the clothes on Monkey-boy that he picked out, and we were off. Half an hour too early as it turned out, so we picked out some books for Kat, and looked for midwifery books for Mommy. Something I might be interested in doing. Dunno yet. Anyway, we wander around, killing time, and while the kids are looking through the books they've chosen, I'm watching the other mommy/child pairs filing in. They all have perfect hair, perfect makeup, perfect clothes- even the kids look like they just rolled out of a magazine ad. Yikes. Nobody told me I had to dress up for story hour, or make sure Kat's clothes matched. (They didn't. They never do. I wouldn't have it any other way.) But just when I was feeling very schlumpy and wanting a makeover very much, it was announced that there was a special treat planned for today's story hour. You should have seen the deer-in-headlights looks of horror on these women's faces. Especially when it was revealed that the surprise was cookie decorating. While watching to make sure my children didn't glue the books within arms reach shut with frosting, I stole glances around the room, and realised mine were the only ones decorating their own cookie all by themselves. And I felt so smug. Isn't that horrible? But it felt nice to know that my little ones, even though they were the only set of siblings, didn't get less attention. They got more chances to satisfy that "i doit myseff" that resides within us all. Mommies, let them doit themseff once in awhile. Please? No matter how clumsy the result, the confidence and sense of independance is sooo worth it.

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