Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Something has been bugging me lately. Well, more than just lately, but now I just have to say something about it. I have read many bloggers commenting on the subject of modesty, be it in the manner we allow our children to dress, or the manner in which they behave. These are worthy subjects, to be sure, and I agree that teaching our children modesty in both dress and behavior is necessary for their well being.

I believe that the problem I find confronting me on a daily basis is intrisically related to the lack of modesty in today's children. I am finding a general lack of respect everywhere I look. I feel assaulted when I see a liscense plate frame or bumper sticker reading, "I want to be Barbie, that ****** has everything!", or " F*** you!", or adhesive pictures of Calvin urinating on various logos. I avoid driving down my town's main street, preferring to instead drive past the whorehouses. (I live in Nevada.) My children are less likely to see indecent or just plain tasteless advertisements when I drive past the whorehouses. That really makes me so sad. Everyday Mommy at discussed writing on t-shirts that can be downright offensive, and I agree completely with her. But, the way I see it, the problem extends far beyond that. I can't believe what some people do/say/display on their vehicles/homes/businesses where they have to know that children will see. But apparently they just don't care. And that is why we have to fight so hard for modesty, while protesting that we really aren't prudes. Because we are seemingly outnumbered the people that don't care about our children or theirs. I don't know if they truly out number us, or if we are too frightened of being called "prude", but I, for one don't care anymore.

I will not tolerate it when I don't have to. When someone uses foul language around my children, I won't cover their ears. Instead, I will either politely but firmly ask the offender to stop, or I will explain to my children (so the offender hears too) that this is what a lack of education sounds like, and surely there are better words in the english language to express the offensive statement. When my children read the offensive statements on t-shirts and ask "why would he wear that?", I will tell them to politely ask the wearer, because I just don't know.

Just my two cents.

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