Thursday, January 25, 2007

100 Day!

Wednesday marked 100 days of school, at least in our neighborhood. In honor of such an important day, I decided to list 100 Things I Hope To Do Before I Die. I guess I didn't quite get there, but hey! it's harder than it looks. I challenge anyone else to come up with a full 100! I'd love to know what would be on your list, too.

  1. Relearn German. It was my first language, as I was born in Germany, but I have since forgotten most of it.
  2. Take my kids to Germany to see where I was born. The Air Force Base has been closed, but it's probably still there.
  3. Have another baby!
  4. Knit a sweater.
  5. Crochet a ripple pattern afghan. (I've tried, but for some reason I just haven't figured out the pattern, and I'm really not that dumb. This one just eludes me.)
  6. Write a book. I know there's one in me somewhere.
  7. Learn to speak Spanish. It's a beautiful language, and it will be so useful and practical to know, living in Nevada and all.
  8. Read and understand the Bible. What's the use in reading it without understanding it?
  9. Go to Ireland.
  10. Have a good relationship with my mother.
  11. Start a MOPS group here.
  12. Train the puppy not to pee every time someone pets her.
  13. Remember to use coupons at the checkout.
  14. Take my husband to DisneyWorld. Aw, heck, the kids can come too.
  15. Make a soufle that turns out how it should.
  16. Ditto for meatloaf.
  17. Teach Bug to ride a bike. He turns seven on monday, and I'm beginning to think he'll never learn. What does that say about my parenting skills?
  18. Watch each of my children graduate.
  19. Try stand up comedy just once.
  20. Plant a vegetable garden.
  21. And an orchard.
  22. Learn to can the fruits of said garden and orchard.
  23. Stop using words I know I shouldn't use. (I'm really trying)
  24. Win at monopoly without Hubs letting me win.
  25. Finish reading the Chronicles of Narnia series.
  26. Find a way to show my mother and father in law how much I really do love them. I tell them, but I don't feel like it's enough for how wonderful they are!
  27. Get to know my dad better.
  28. Tell my father's second wife how much she hurt me by trying to turn me against him. She needs to know, or maybe I need her to know.
  29. Get the money together and get my husband's adoption of my kids done, already! They all want it to happen, so it's up to me to be the organizer.
  30. Ride my bike again.
  31. Play soccer again.
  32. Learn sign language.
  33. Volunteer on a political campaign. What a neat learning experience!
  34. Give birth at home.
  35. Wear my pre-baby jeans.
  36. Hold a grandchild and smell that sweet new baby scent. I am so looking forward to that part of getting older!
  37. Make a quilt.
  38. Decorate my house. You know, take the blankets off the windows and use real window treatments! Paint the walls, that sort of thing.
  39. Finish our family cookbook.
  40. Figure out how to fix things when they break instead of helplessly fuming at them until my husband can take care of it for me.
  41. See all 50 states.
  42. Go camping with my family, real camping in a tent with sleeping bags and fishing and campfire cooking.
  43. Figure out how much is too much christmas or birthday presents.
  44. Stop going waaaay over that limit!
  45. See a truly good movie in a movie theater. This is not as easy as it sounds, with my husband working so much.
  46. Figure out why the schools insist on celebrating 100 day like a bona fide holiday, but ignore real learning opportunities like Martin Luther King Jr Day.
  47. Take my kids to the North Pole, Santa's Workshop in Colorado.
  48. Find a church home for my family where we feel, well, at home.
  49. Dig up all the yucky juniper bushes all around the edge of the house and replace them with berry bushes.
  50. Remember birthdays of people I love who don't actually live in my house.
  51. Find a haircut that is actually flattering on me.
  52. Reconnect with my friend Shannie from high school.
  53. Reconnect with my friend Quianna from high school.
  54. Write really good letters, and mail them before they're a year old.
  55. Complete my Barbie doll collections. Yes, I know, it's wierd. I don't care.
  56. Banish my acne before the wrinkles take over.
  57. Take my family on a Volksmarch. Volksmarches are so much fun.
  58. Start my own business.
  59. Save someone. From themself, from the world, who knows? I just want to help.
  60. Bungee jump. Fear of heights begone!
  61. Go skiing again. Hopefully a lot. The one and only thing I truly miss from my pre-mommy days that I'd like to get back. Well, I wouldn't mind having a waist again, but given the choice I'd go with skiing.
  62. Remodel our bathroom.
  63. Keep falling in love with my husband over and over again, every day for the rest of my life.
  64. Take the kids to Hershey, PA. My mom took us, and it was such a great vacation. Hershey Park, the Amish village, Gettysburg. I could spend a month there and not get bored.
  65. Adopt.
  66. Go to the March for Life.
  67. Visit my father and his wife in Oregon, instead of them always having to come to me.
  68. Get all of my photos in photo albums. Yes, I know it's way old fashioned, but there's something magical about turning those pages with the kids, telling them stories about when they were little, or when Mommy was little.
  69. Go rock climbing.
  70. Go white water rafting again.
  71. Remember how to play dolls, so my daughter doesn't think I'm rejecting her when I'm just lost when it comes to that.
  72. Continue to be transparent to all who know me, in real life or online. I used to view my honesty as a character flaw. Now I realize that it really isn't. I just need to temper it with tenderness and grace.
  73. Forgive myself.
  74. Accept the forgiveness of others, especially God.


Becca said...

I love this list!! So many fabulous things on it. My grandparents were in Bitburg, Germany at the AFB there--I have such fond memories of that beautiful country.

Great goals!!

Jennie C. said...

That's a really good list, even if it is short. ;-)