Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Look at that beautiful hair on that man. Hubs told me today that he has decided he will have to get a normal hair cut, in order to get promoted at work. It's not a written requirement, but nonetheless a requirement. I've never seen my gorgeous husband without long hair. I expect to be shocked. I just hope his adjustment to his reflection won't be too painful. He wants to have the whole family there to witness the event, mainly so that the kids don't run away from him when he doesn't look like Daddy anymore. If they see the change as it happens, hopefully it will make more sense to them.


Becca said...

I bet you'll miss that long hair, but you'll be amazed how sexy he still is!!

Vida said...

I'm sure I will, on both counts! I've never actually seen him with short hair, but I have seen pictures, and it's quite a difference.