Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hi! Welcome to my very first post, on my very first blog.

For anyone who doesn't know me, I'm probably the biggest dork you'll ever meet (or get to know, anyway). Except maybe my husband, or kids. In fact, Dork! has become quite the term of endearment around here. If you have already met me, well you already know all that, and have (hopefully) forgiven me. I have one wonderful husband, three (usually) adorable kids. Bug, 6, Kat,4, and Monkey-boy,16 months. We have two cats, one kitten, one dog, and soon one puppy. Yes, I'm insane for that, but who'd want to be normal anyway?

So this blog is about my adventures as a Stay at Home Mommy in Northeastern Nevada. I hope those who read will enjoy my take on all things Mommy!

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