Monday, August 13, 2007

Awww crud.

When Bug starting losing teeth, we made the appropriate oohs and awws, and the Tooth Fairy made her appointed visits.

Until, one day, she didn't.

That goofy Tooth Fairy slept a little late on a saturday morning, and woke up in a panic. Luckily, Bug inherited those airhead tendencies, and they kicked in that very same morning.

He forgot to check under his pillow. I had Hubs keep him distracted by feeding him, and ran to get some cash out of my purse. It was empty. Then I had a brain fart and remembered the huge box of books that had just arrived from ebay. There were even some tooth fairy themed ones, so I managed to stash one of those under the pillow in lieu of cash. And I congratulated myself for the great save.

Since I had a number of these great books, and always seemed to be out of cash when he lost a tooth, he got more presents that money from the Tooth Fairy. Seemed like a great solution at the time.

Today, Kat lost her first tooth. And I congratulated her, and oohed and awwed, and thought to myself, awww crud. Because I set the bar so high with Bug, Kat is beside herself with excitement over what cool present the Tooth Fairy will be leaving her. And it's my own fault.

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