Monday, September 24, 2007

Ummm, now what?

So. The cute little Denver Broncos football uniform arrived. I unpacked it with all three kids watching eagerly. I explained that whichever of them it fit could wear it. Yeeeeaaaah. Slight problem there. See, the helmet fits Bug's noggin nicely. The jersey is about right for Kat. And the little, and I do mean little, pants probably fit Monkey-boy. I haven't had the guts to let him try it on, because I don't think he'll let me take it back off of him til I have to surgically remove it. Since seeing the cute little thing, he's been relentlessly chanting, "Go Boppos, Go Boppos, Go Boppos!" The helmet really is waaay too big for him. But I don't think he cares. And he won't be going trick or treating without me for years to come. Maybe I should let him wear it anyway, seeing as he's the second most avid Broncos fan in this house? (He learned from his Mama, of course!)

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