Friday, October 05, 2007

Stumbling, Slipping, Sliding toward Success

Today, I am hosting a pot luck dinner at my home in an attempt to start a mothers group. The plan is to have a bunch of moms from church and anyone else who might be interested come over for dinner, chat, and discuss what we want in such a group. I had hoped to send all of children outside to play for at least a portion of the meeting, but, as luck would have it, today we are recieving our first good snowfall of the year. The crockpot I planned to use to make chili didn't come clean in the dishwasher, and I ran out of places to put away all the canned goods I bought at the case lot sales. If it sounds like I'm griping, I'm not. You see, I have learned that the things that are the most worth it are usually accompanied by all kinds of these little annoyances. So, I'm hoping that all of the annoying slip ups mean that tonight will go great!

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Lynn Marie said...

SNOW!! Oh my, where are you located? I hope all the plans went well and you have a good size womans group. Sounds like fun. Too bad I'm so far away and that I work full time away from home or I'd jump in. How did the Chili come out?