Tuesday, October 30, 2007

To wait, or not to wait....

Our ultrasound is quickly approaching and we cannot seem to decide whether we should find out the gender. I should probably say I can't decide, because I'm reasonably sure that Hubs would happily go with whatever I want.

I see numerous reasons to find out. It might help the kids adjust to this baby a little quicker if they knew what we're having. Instead of talking about "the baby" as an abstract concept, we'd be able to talk about a person with a gender and probably a name. And, we have no girl baby clothes smaller than 18mo sizes because I thought I was done after Kat, so if it's a girl, knowing would help with the shopping.

Not knowing would be fun, too. I'm really enjoying driving all of the relatives nuts! They know the baby will get a family name, but they don't know any more than that, and the anticipation seems to be just eating some of them alive. Besides, the surprise might be fun for us too, since we are definitely done this time.

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Lynn Marie said...

I'm all for waiting but then again I'm a lot older than you and remember when ultrasounds were not given unless there was a problem. In those "OLD" days, we waited until birth to see what God had blessed us with. I know that today everyone wants to know now, everything is much faster now. Can't somethings hold off untill time allows? Any way that's my 2 cents worth. Have a great - healthy- and blessed baby no matter what sex s/he is.