Friday, January 21, 2011

Homework... It's worse than laundry!

I finished up the IDEA legislation paper, turned it in, and (praise God) it passed. So I did the good student thing, and looked to see what's next on the to do list for earning my three credits in Diversity and Inclusion.  Let me just say that ignorance was such bliss.....

It's not the assignment itself that is a problem for me. I can write essay after essay after essay. But the laundry list of how many sources I must use, and exactly how many of each specified type, and must cite each and every one in my paper somehow, welllll, that's a little bit of a problem.

Ten pages on two minority cultures I am likely to teach and how characteristics of those particular cultures are likely to affect classroom interactions? Not two bad, until you throw in the exact and nitpicky requirements for the ten or so sources I'm supposed to use. And not one of the sources I want to use can be found at the library I work at. And I'm only allowed to borrow two at a time through Inter Library Loan at the library I work at. So, after a year and a half at WGU, it is finally time to use those library fees I've been handing over, and learn how to use the ELibrary. Wish me luck. I'm going to need it.

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