Tuesday, February 01, 2011

100 day.... otherwise know as the stupidest celebration in elementary school

It is 100 Day. Only the younger elementary school set celebrate this milestone, so after I survive it with one kid, I manage to forget about it for a couple years- until the next kid brings home the note informing me that we are supposed to find 100 things of our choice and then find a way to creatively display said 100 things and send them in to school.  Generally I see the note the day that the project is due to be turned in, rendering me into a completely panicked mess. 

This was bad enough with the previous two kids, who went to afternoon kindergarden while I did not work yet. That at least gave me a few extra hours to work with.  This time, I found out at 6:30am, and we needed to leave at 7:30am.

Ok, I thought. Not a problem, I thought. Screw creative. We'll draw a number 100 on a piece of construction paper and glue a hundred little pieces of cereal to it.  Good plan.

Until I discovered that we did not have any elmer's glue, anywhere in the entire house.

We tried a glue stick. Nope. Stuff didn't stick right. I called my husband, hoping he could save the day. He was too far away already, lucky man.  I went to take my shower, hoping inspiration would strike and I wouldn't be forced to send the kid to school project-less and look like a bad bad disorganized mom.

Inspiration struck, but it was my smart husband who had the brilliant idea, not me.  He called me up and said, glue gun! Use the hot glue gun!

The day was saved, the project completed, and all the kids made it to school on time. I call that a successful morning.

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