Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Snow Day

We are snowed in. That storm that made the news in California crossed the Sierra Nevadas and found us, though thankfully somewhat subdued. This could hardly have happened at a better time for me..... I really didn't want to drag baby Taz out any more than I have to, so not making the three trips to and from the school is a welcome break.


Anonymous said...

You can keep the snow. Up in NH we are having temps in the low 60's right now but it will get colder soon. In the mean time all the snow we had in December is melting and I am really glad. I am not a lover of winter, I love the heat of the summer.

I'm glad that you and the little one can rest and stay safe and warm. You never did tell me how you picked her name. How about a few pictures of your new little one. Lynn Marie

Anonymous said...

Well the snow is now here in NH. So far we have about 5 inches and white out viewing. 10 more inches to come our way. Schools closed, business closed, cars off the road - it's a mess. Lynn Marie

Vida said...

Yikes... sorry about the snow. It sure can be a pain.