Monday, January 21, 2008

All better.... sort of

The pain became too much to handle pretty quickly, so I dropped off the older kids with my in-laws and headed down to the ER. Turns out, I had a temp of 100 and mastitis in both br**sts. I also was diagnosed with postpartum depression. Not a huge surprise, considering I'd been see-sawing between crying jags and temper tantrums for at least a few days. Today is my first day on the Zoloft, and it feels very strange.... kind of like my head is in a fog. Hubs was very surprised when I told him, but when he really started thinking, he agreed with my suspicion that this has been going on for a couple of months now. He actually seems kind of relieved to have an answer to what is wrong with his wife.


Anonymous said...

I hope that the meds help you feel better soon. Not feeling well with small children is very hard. I'll pray for you. Lynn Marie

Vida said...

Thank you, Lynn Marie. I think I'll be fine, I just have to get through this rough patch. I appreciate the prayer, that can only help, right?