Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Exclamations!

"Wow, Thanks Mom!" (followed by, "What're you thanking me for? The Easter Bunny left that for you!)

"OH! THE CHOCOLATE!!!" (are we surprised that it was the girl that uttered that one?)

"Mama? Mama!"

(whispered)"Oh, crap, the Easter Bunny forgot to hide the eggs we dyed!"

All in all, it's been a good Easter morning. It would've been better if Hubs and I hadn't had to have our own hunt for puppy presents before letting the kids up for the festivities. Yeeeuck!

The kids look so cute in their Easter clothes, too! Hubs helped dress them for church before leaving for work. He's working in town this week! Yay! He's a driller for an exploratory drilling company, so he has to go wherever the next site is assigned. Last job they put him on was in California, and we didn't get to see him much, so it's nice to have him working near home.

Happy Easter, everyone, we're off to church, and more egg hunts!

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