Thursday, April 12, 2007

So.... How bout them Yankees?

Hmmm. I really feel the need to write something, but I doubt it will be anything all that clever. Life is back to normal- dagnabit!

Hubs had to travel for work again. It was so nice having him home for so long this time, but we knew it couldn't last forever. At least he took down the hornet's nest from the tree in the front yard. And safely, too, I should add.

Bug is grounded until I'm not mad/hurt/disappointed anymore. He took my calendar to school for a school project without asking permission, and never returned it. I missed Monkey-boy's checkup and immunizations and don't have a clue what else is coming up because of that. To top it off, Bug can't find the calendar, and doesn't seem the least bit remorseful about the whole thing. I'd welcome any and all suggestions on how to handle this one.

Kat thinks cleaning her room means getting everything off the floor. I think it's time for extreme measures. All three kids have TOO. MUCH. STUFF. I'll be going through their rooms one at a time with a trash bag and a donate box sometime in the next week.

Monkey-boy has learned how to pair the word "MINE" with a temper tantrum worthy of my first stepmother- that's one impressive headache, lemme tell ya! Oh, and he has also started to, very clearly, with hands on hips, say "no." At least that one comes clearly enunciated and calmly, if defiantly.

And I've got to say, for the record, using an IUD was one of the worst decisions I've ever made regarding my health. Possibly the worst. The mystery illness was a ruptured cyst, in addition to (as the kind dr.'s put it) my body attempting to normalize after the removal. No hint as to how long this should last, but I was told to add 2-3 extra servings of protein to my diet the week before my period is due in order to control the P.M.D.D. symptoms. That would be fine and dandy- if I knew when my freaking period is due! I also was told that until I have my next kid, pms will definitely be replaced by pmdd, and the periods themselves should be inordinately painful- physically and emotionally. My poor husband has no idea how lucky he is to be away from home right now. :) Here's to hoping that this gets better soon.

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JoAnn said...

I'm glad the mystery is solved and that it's something that will work itself out.