Friday, April 20, 2007

A Pint Sized Rebellion

I have a mutiny on my hands. If I serve leftovers again anytime soon the kids are going to tie me to the swingset with their jumpropes and leave me there. I'm a total loss for my meal planning this week. I need to make meals that are quick and easy, and small enough for no leftovers. Any ideas?


Lynn Marie said...

Look over to
She has a full week of meals all set for you to copy. She is wonderful and even gives you the shopping list. Just cut back if the meal searves more than you have. I have been checking her out a lot because I am just sick of my meals. I want something different and she oftens has just that. I'm up in NH and this is the first good weekend in about a month so I plan to BBQ a lot this coming week but she has wonderful meals over there. Enjoy.

JoAnn said...

If you do end up with leftovers save them up and make refrigerator stew. Put a weeks worth of leftovers in a pot and heat, I haven't ever had one turn out bad. The best thing about it is the kids won't recognize it as leftovers.