Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Good news!

Answering phone calls and checking mail are two things that have always made me feel slightly nervous. These are the ways that bad news gets communicated, and usually when least expected. Lately, however, I've been pleasantly surprised.

First there was the phone call from my mother. This bears repeating; my mother called me! When I looked at the caller id before answering, my heart skipped a beat and my stomach jumped into my throat. I was so sure that the only reason she would willingly call me was if someone had died. I'm so happy that I was wrong. It seems she has made a little progress toward forgiving me, as she was calling to get my address for graduation announcements from my baby brother.

Then the phone call from my midwife. I wasn't really expecting bad news but it's strange to me to have finally found a health care provider who cares enough to call with test results, even late at night if it'll ease my mind. ( I ok'd the late night phone call, actually prefer them to when the kids are clamoring for my attention.) The ovarian cancer screen came back negative. We also talked about PCOS, and possibly checking for it if I don't "normalize" in the next three months.

And last, when I checked the mail yesterday, there was a big, fat envelope from the government. That can definitely go either good or bad, now, can't it? But, once again, good news. The state of Colorado sent paperwork for me to sign, if it's all right with me if they almost double (!) the child support that they take out of my ex's checks when they add Kat to the order. Hmmm, let me think about that one.... Heck yeah!

What kind of news have you gotten lately?


Lynn Marie said...

Great new all around for you! That's wonderful!
I am president of a non-profit group that does Pet Therapy and my good news is that my dog Becke and I will be visiting the local library where the children can read to her. This has been a dream come true for me as I have been working towards that for a while now. Lots of training is involved and lots of leg work to get her registered.

Vida said...

I'm so happy to hear that, Lynn Marie! It sounds like you are doing something very wonderful!