Monday, March 19, 2007

Holy Savings, Batman!

My MIL and I stopped at Kmart looking for sandals and jeans for me. All of my shoes are falling apart, literally. Many of my jeans are, too. I truly despise shopping, ever since I birthed my first baby.

Today was an exception of epic proportions. While I didn't find the sandals or the jeans to fit me, I did score big on the off season sales. My kids are now fully clothed for next winter, and me too, other than, you know, those jeans. I even got a sweater that would have been 29.99 at full price for 6.00. Our grand total would have been 332.77 before taxes and before the sale prices. After all the markdowns, we paid 92.42. And since my MIL was tossing stuff into the cart just as fast as me, she said she'd chip in a bit. How cool is that?

Now I just have to find some new shoes before I'm tying rags to my feet. Sheesh. I may just buy three pairs of anything that fits just to avoid the torture that is shoe shopping. Does that make me weird?


~DanaB~ said...

Well, if that makes you weird, you're not alone--I'm the SAME way! I just found two pairs of jeans I LOVE last weekend--at Walmart of all places!! That just doesn't happen to this here plus-size body so I'm beyond excited about jeans at the moment LOL!
I LOVE the title of your blog, tis SO true!


lynn marie said...

Great finds! Now you are set for the winter months but you will need to keep looking for the jeans. I'm with you, I hate shopping for myself. Either there is nothing in my size or so much in my size, I can't decide what I want. Keep praying, God will send you the shoes and jeans.