Saturday, March 24, 2007


It is a very sad day today. Four, almost five years now, my daughter has been taking a nap every day. An hour of quiet, every day. It was golden. But there comes a day in every mommy's life when she must admit to herself- and to her child- that the nap is really not as necessary for the child as it is for the mommy. That day has come, and it is a sad one. Ah, well. She'll be in school next year. Then I'll miss this time with her. It all goes too quickly.


lynn marie said...

Even if she is not sleeping for the hour, she still needs an hour of down time every day. She can lay on her bed and look at a book, or talk to her doll in a low voice but she still needs the time to be still. Don't let her have that time to run and play, it will not do her any good.

JoAnn said...

Quiet time makes another apperience in Mommydome. Weather she spends the time by herself or reading with you is unimportant what is important is that you both rest. Especially since you are working on getting pregnant. A future quiet activity could be listening for the baby's heartbeat.