Friday, March 23, 2007


Our house has been quarantined until about bedtime tonight. Apparently, that's the magic hour when Bug won't be contagious anymore. Bug had a sinus infection and managed to use that to infect himself with pinkeye- in both eyes. I think the baby might have the sinus infection too, but of course I was more worried about my poor miserable oldest when we were in the Dr.s office to remember to mention it.

So I'm treating the baby the best I can with the over the counter stuff that is supposed to be safe. And I've got to say, I LOVE baby Vick's! It's not near as harsh as the grown up version, but it helps him breath so much better.

And poor Kat feels so left out. Everyone gets sick but her, and she wants the attention that comes with being sick! So I think today when the sickies are napping, we'll have some mother/daughter time together. Heck, I'll even play princess if that's what it takes to make her happy. She deserves to feel special too.

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JoAnn said...

Poor babies! I hope everyone is feeling better.
I found a cool site I think you will love, They started a blog about a month before you did & the main topic currently is how to feed your kids in a healthy way, advice from a busy mom. Give those 3 loves a hug from Aunt JoAnn. Peace