Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Mystery- Part 2

I had my long awaited dr's appointment today. I think it went well, in that the nurse and the midwife who I saw both actually listened to my concerns. That has been very difficult for me to find in the past.

I half expected to be told that everything I've been experiencing is just a normal part of being a woman. Instead, I was sent to the lab to test for problems with my kidney and bladder. And I was told to make an appointment for a pelvic ultrasound and an ultrasound on both breasts. One has a growing lump, and the other has "thickening of the tissue". The midwife told me not to let them do a mammogram unless I'm on my period, since we're trying to get pregnant.

My mother in law is full of advice, since she just went through this herself, a few weeks ago. I'll even be seeing the same specialist as her. Hubs doesn't quite know how to react right now, so he's concentrating on things he feels more in control of, like replacing one of the windows. I'm relieved to be taken seriously, but kind of scared of where this might be heading.


Lynn Marie said...

Keep us posted, I will be praying for you that all will go well.

JoAnn said...

I told you Marian is wonderful! Have you had an opportunity to talk with her about our ideas for home birth?
You & Jehromy should both read 'Husband Coached Childbirth', I'll be dropping it off at the library today the 30th.

Young Christian Woman said...

I hope it is God's will that everything turns out well; remember that He has it under control, even when it does not seem that way to us.