Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Lord provided me with shoes- and on sale!

I replace my poor, sole weary, falling apart boots (above) with these
cute shoes with great traction.
I replaced my wonderful sandals that I've worn holes into the heels of,
with these babies, for only $7.oo. And they're adjustable, so they'll continue to fit if I'm lucky enough to be pregnant for part of this summer!

Bugdecided that the shoestore was the perfect place to inform me of the hole in the toe of his shoe.
So he wore these home. No more shoelace battles in this house, thank you!

And I just couldn't resist these, for church. They're cute, they fit, and they were in my budget. Can't beat that!


Lynn Marie said...

I'm so glad that God found a shoe sale for you. He is so good to meet our every need. You got some really good finds.

Vida said...

Thank you! I agree completely.