Thursday, March 29, 2007

Like Mother, Like Son, and Son and Daughter....

Our PTA decided that the parent-teacher conferences would be a perfect time to set up the book fair. They were probably right. Who wants to look like a bad mom in front of their kids' teacher by not encouraging a love of reading?

I, personally, have been an avid reader since the day my mom managed to force me to learn how. Yes, she had to force this skill upon me. Just as I pretty much had to force it into Bug, and it looks like the same will be happening with Kat. But once it clicked, I never willingly put down the books. And, Bug is doing the same. I love it!

So you can imagine just how proud I felt when we left the book fair with three kids running into walls and doors because their noses were buried in their new books. Hubs laughed, said, "You can sure tell whose kids they are!", and we each grabbed a kid or two to steer them while they walked and read. It was priceless.


JoAnn said...

A memory to treasure! You paint a picture I can't help but smile at.

Lynn Marie said...

Great post. It made me laugh to picture kids walking into walls. Way to go!